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Just when you thought that the the Pentium name was dead, it appears that it may be making a comeback, albeit in a slightly different capacity. Intel, according to the source define the 'Conroe - L' as a single core 65nm CPU, and they assume that it will be built on the Core 2 Duo architecture. The most recent Intel processor roadmaps have touted the Conroe - L as a supplement to the Cedar Mill chips.

There are estimated to be three Pentium E1000 models made available initially. These models include the Pentium E1060, E1040 and E1020 clocked at 1.80, 1.60 and 1.40 GHz respectively.

It is expected that the 'Conroe - L' will launch a full three quarters after the Core 2 processors first appeared - July 23 2006. Presently, there has been no mention of an estimated cost for any of the processors.

Conroe - L

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