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New chipset offers lower power and customisation capabilities  Intel SoC
Intel has launched its System-on-Chip (SoC) EP8579 integrated processor, which is said to offer lower power and customisation capabilities for embedded voice, storage and security applications. The new product family is the first wave of Intel's revamped SoC design, which the company said adds smarter chip intelligence.
The integrated offering is based on Intel's Pentium M processor and combines the functionality of four chips into a single circuit and offers power output between 11-21 watts. In addition, four of the eight new SoC EP8579 products feature Intel QuickAssist Technology, which accelerates cryptographic and packet processing for security appliances.
 According to Seth Bobroff, general manager of Intel's Storage Group, the SoC devices provide companies with greater flexibility to construct their embedded products more cheaply and quickly for a particular customer audience.
Intel EP8579...Instead of one size fits all, we can customize the [new] system-on-chip to best address a specific market or segment's needs. This really gets down to getting the x86 [processor] in places it couldn't go before in the embedded market, Intel may not win in all those areas, but they're spreading all their capabilities as widely as they possibly can...
In the near future Intel would like to see their System-on-Chip embedded into digital television and/or set top boxes.
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