Intel Unveils Their Fastest Mobile CPUs Page: 1
Clarksfield arrives
Intel Clarksfield ProcessorIntel introduced their revolutionary Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Mobile Processors today, bringing the super-fast Nehalem microarchitecture to the mobile market. These processors, in addition to the new Intel PM55 Express Chipset, provide the best mobile experience for intense gaming, digital media, music and business applications that require high amounts of power. The chips also boost overall performance when using several of these applications simultaneously thanks to Hyper Threading and when using single threaded applications, processor clock speed is increased by up to 75% to deal with higher workloads.
OEM pricing for these chips is set at £650, £350 and £225 for the i7-920XM, i7-820QM and i7-720QM respectively. Expect to see mobile gaming systems based around these processors very soon, as the P55M chipset supports PCI express 2.0 x16 in a single card configuration, and x8 x8 in a dual card configuration.
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