Intel Working on New 6-Core Nehalem Page: 1
Intel Working on New 6-Core Nehalem
Intel is reportedly hard at work on a new 6-core Nehalem processor with the aim of releasing it at just about the same time as its already announced Lynnfield processors. With its plans of phasing out older Core i7 CPUs later in the year, the new processor is not expected to carry this branding.
Citing sources close to Intel, tech portal Bit-tech reported that the new processor has been designed to be compatible with existing X58/LGA1366 motherboards. A BIOS upgrade will be necessary for this compatibility, but it seems that the necessary support has already been added by most board manufacturers.
According to the report, the new 6-core processor will most likely match Intel’s fastest Core i7 975 processor; however, it will come probably be placed under a new, yet to be named brand line.
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