Intel Working on Second Unlocked CPU – a Core i5 655K Page: 1

Intel is planning a double whammy in unlocked CPUs for enthusiasts; the chip major is reportedly working on a second unlocked chip for the Mainstream 2 market to go along with its Core i7 875K. The second “K” series CPU will be a Core i5 655K model and is expected to be released sometime in early June 2010.

Reports about Intel having a completely unlocked CPU in the pipeline hit technology circuits just couple of days back, and now the company is again in the news with reports of a second fully unlocked chip. This time around, the chip is expected to be dual-core one with four treads.

Intel will be using a 32nm die for the CPU core and a 45nm one for the integrated graphics core of the new chip. The Turbo Boost technology that will be built into the CPU is expected to make it much more conducive to overclocking that the current Core i5 650 chip. Just like the Core i7 875K, the Core i5 655K will also fit into the socket LGA 1156. TDP for the card will be at 73W, which means certain users will need a bios upgrade.

Intel is gearing up for an early June release for the chip; pricing though is only expected to be released when it starts shipping. However, as a dual-core chip, enthusiasts can expect a much affordable pricing compared to the quad-core Core i7 875K.

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