Intel X25-M SSD Ready To Ship Page: 1
Intel X25-M SSD ready to ship, again.

Intel X25-M 34nm SSDLast week it was reported that Intel's new 34nm X25-M SSDs were facing data corruption issues. However, good news is with us and it was been confirmed that Intel have fixed the issues and are ready to begin shipping of the new, quicker SSDs again in the next few days.
Intel were forced to release the firmware fix as some drives were slowing down after extensive use. The firmware fix did sold this issue but if a BIOS password was set and then changed or disabled the drive would become corrupt. Difficult times for Intel but for now it all seems to be ok.
The new 34nm versions of the already popular SSD promise lower latencies and higher performance, as well as being priced up to 60% less.
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