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Intel's Nehalem and X58 Express spotted at Computex 2008
Intel's triple channel and LGA 1366 CPU socketIntel's upcoming X58 Express chipset which will support Nehalem processors has been spotted at Computex 2008. The kind folks at Micro Star International (MSI) allowed roaming bit-tech journalists to take a few pics of the “Tylersberg” X58 Express chipset, and a sneak peek at the new LGA1366 CPU socket.
"First, the CPU and its new socket: while the roadmaps say the high-end Nehalem to be launched in Q4 will have up to eight cores, the one MSI had in its office was just a quad-core but with eight threads. The socket is still LGA, but instead of the 775 used on current boards, this one now features 1366 pins and is slightly rectangular – not Pentium Pro rectangular, but simply a stretched out square. The back of the socket now has a metal backplate to brace itself and I’m afraid you’ll be buying a new heatsink too because the socket fittings have changed since LGA775. In fact, the whole area that needs to be exclusively for “Intel CPU use” is now apparently over twice the volume of that compared to LGA775 giving motherboard manufacturers even less space to shoehorn in additional components."
Tylersberg X58 Express
(Intel's Tylersberg X58 Express)
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