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Follow-up: Has Intel found the key to unlock supercomputing powers on the desktop?

Last week we presented you with the news that Intel had apparently unlocked supercomputing powers on the desktop . Well the technology finally has a name - EXOCHI or Exoskeleton Sequencer C for Heterogeneous Integration. If you are interested in reading more about the EXOCHI technology, feel free to follow the link to the .PDF here.

What Intel would like to do is make the process of using heterogeneous cores as painless as possible for all involved. The company’s solution includes a software model that will target as many operating systems as possible, but without tightly bound OS drivers or requirements outside of minor patches to increase the amount of data captured during a task switch.

A picture included in Intel’s paper demonstrates that a software layer will still be required. However, if you look closely, it is OS independent in both operation and function. It will provide a single binary that will communicate with the application running within the OS for all OS-related service requests, thereby requiring only that the application have special knowledge of the Exoskeleton software layer, not the OS.


Certainly an interesting development, and one that makes sense in the quest for enhanced computational ability from modern and future PC's.

If you are interested in the source article's interpretation of the technology then head here

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