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Intels X58 chipset and Bloomfield spec leaked
Intel has leaked details on its next generation of chipset and CPU. Bloomfield  is a 4-cored CPU, and Hyper Threading makes a comeback under a different name with support  for 8 Threads. Bloomfield will be based on a 45NM node size and use the LGA1366 Socket.

The new CPU has 8 MB shared cache and sees the inclusion of an Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) and 3 Channel DDR3 RAM. Bloomfield will support Intel's QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) and will receive seven additional  SSE4 Instructions.
Intel's X58 will obviously support the Bloomfield CPU, LGA1366 Socket and allows for more flexibility in PCI-E settings. Dual X16 or Quad X8 mode on PCI-E will be available.
Bllomfield/X58 specifications
It looks every bit like the lead-up to Nehalem from here but will it deliver?
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