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New Browser reaches Beta II

IE8 Beta2 ReleasedMicrosoft have made available the second beta of Internet Explorer 8, and the new browser has quite a few new features and is compatible with Windows Vista, XP and Server 2003/2008. New functionality additions include:

Visual Search
Search is one of the most frequent and important things you do online. The new Internet Explorer 8 Search Box takes results to a whole new  level by adding graphics and images, helping you find exactly what you're looking for, quickly and easily.

Suggested Sites
If you love that site, try this one. That's the idea behind Internet Explorer 8's new Suggested Sites feature. At your request, Internet Explorer 8 can use your browsing history to suggest other sites you may like or find useful. It's another way that Internet Explorer 8 helps you utilize the Web to its full potential. 

Improved Performance
Right from the start you'll notice that pages open and load faster than ever before. Plus with powerful new features like Accelerators and Web Slices, Internet Explorer 8 gives you the ability to get more done, more quickly.

Automatic Crash Recovery
Web site crashes are now isolated to individual tabs rather than entire browser windows, meaning when a site crashes on one tab, you don't lose the rest. And Internet Explorer 8 will automatically recover the lost tab once it has identified the problem. You can surf with peace of mind knowing that Internet Explorer 8 is the most reliable version of Internet Explorer available. 

Web Slices
Web Slices puts you in control of the information you care about most. Now you can subscribe to specific content within a page and monitor things like auction items, sports scores, entertainment columns, weather reports, and more. Internet Explorer 8 automatically delivers updated information directly to a Web Slice in your Favorites Bar, all without leaving the page you're on.

For the full lowdown on the beta and to download, you can visit the IE8 Tour here . You can also discuss in our forums here.