iPhone 2.0 update problem leaves many 1st gen iPhones bricked Page: 1
iPhone 2.0 update problem leaves many 1st gen iPhones bricked
Apple update gone sour
It seems Apple didn't plan for their marvelous new iPhone update all too well.
Hundreds of people are being left with bricked phones whilst it seems they cannot get through to the iPhone part of Apple's servers to get their phone activated after the update
The software appears to install on the device, then users get a screen like the one on the right, with a few variances. This leaves the phone in a non-activated state and the only thing you can do on it is make emergency phone calls.
Bad planning by Apple? You'd have to argue yes in the light of the fact that they're releasing iTunes 7.7, iPhone 2.0 and the 3G iPhone on the same day.
The advice currently is to keep trying and you should eventually get through.
I hesitate to say this, but it seems we've got a case of a 'Bad apple' here!
Suffering from wanting spangly new iPhone 2.0 features? Let us know in the forums
Update: A post in the Apple support forum who did manage to contact an Apple support person reported:
 "The tech said that Apple's server has shut down because of the huge surge of people who are updating their phones. They are now working on it, he said."
Update II
Traffic has slowed sufficiently that you should now be able to fix your phone, let's just hope you didn't miss anything vital, ey?