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eBay Angers Sellers
According to an article from the NY Times, it appears that the honeymoon is over for eBay. I'm sure that many of you who have purchased off eBay remember the days where you could really grab a bargain or two from the auction site. Unfortunately, it appears that the new 'norm' of fixed price listings is set to increase substantially.
The golden era of the small seller on eBay, hawking gewgaws and knickknacks from the basement or garage, is coming to a noisy and ignominious end.

Consumers appear to be tiring of online auctions, and rivals like are attracting more shoppers with fixed-price listings, while eBay has been struggling for growth.
EBay has clearly demonstrated its intentions for where it wants to be by striking a deal with
To shift toward that model, eBay has struck a deal with the Web retailer that allows the company to sell millions of books, DVDs, electronics and other items on eBay without paying the full complement of eBay fees.

The deal with has added over five million fixed-price listings to since the beginning of the year — for items from Xbox 360 video game consoles to Weber grills.
The new direction has clearly angered eBay's faithful small businesses, as it stands to hurt those who sell in those categories. If you also factor into the equation eBay's 'no negative feedback for sellers' policy, then they may be seeing a mass exodus in the short term.
How do you see these events effecting eBay's longevity?
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