ITC Upholds Three Rambus Patents Page: 1

Rambus has dropped of the technology map for the most part in most enthusiasts' eyes.  However, they've stuck around in a way some may consider distasteful, waging a continuous patent war against, among others, Nvidia.

Yesterday, a US International Trade Commission panel ruled in Rambus' favor, upholding three of their patent claims against the likes of Nvidia and a variety of others.  With this decision, affirming a decision made by a judge back in January, the panel recommended an import ban on offending products (which includes those from ASUS Computer International Inc, Palit Multimedia Inc, MSI Computer Corp, EVGA Corp, DiabloTek Inc, Biostar Microtech Corp and BFG Technologies Inc.) that would take effect after a 60-day executive review.

Obviously Rambus is quite happy with this result.  They will, however, continue to seek reimbursement for past damages in civil court.

"The ITC's decision is another demonstration of the value of our continued commitment to innovation," said Thomas Lavelle, senior vice president and general counsel at Rambus.

Nvidia is not planning on taking this decision standing down though.  They have since responded, saying they will appeal the decision to the federal US Court of Appeals.  In the mean time, Nvidia assures us that they will continue supplying their products as usual utilizing a European-enforced license.

"There will be no impact on our customers or our business as a result of this ruling," he added. "We intend to take advantage of the mandatory European Commission License that is available. This will allow us and our partners to continue our business under the terms of that license and prevent the enforcement of any exclusion order."

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