ITRI shows new flexible displays at FPD Expo Taiwan 2007 Page: 1
ITRI shows new flexible displays at FPD Expo Taiwan 2007


The 7-inch color flexible AM LCD display is built on a plastic substrate, which combines a transparent plastic substrate developed by ITRI, ultra low-temperature a-Si TFT array and a flexible color filter (CF). The display has the brighter, thinner, low stress quality of a thin film and is compatible with the conventional a-Si TFT fabrication process.

Specifications for 7-inch color flexible AM display
Item Details
Resolution 640x480 (VGA)
Number of color 4,096
Brightness (nit) 100
Weight (g) 30.2


This 10.4-inch Ch-LC display is based on pixelized vacuum filling (PVF) technology for multi-color effects in a single layer that injects red, green and blue liquid crystals (LCs) to sub-pixels individually. Its structure design is simple and is both thin and light, with thickness reduced to 50% of that from the traditional color Ch-LCD display. Additionally, the display features an improved color viewing angle with a three-layer stacked color Ch LCD structure. This reflective display also features memory functions. It can be applied to electronics displays with a lower power consumption such as electronic book reader (e-book). The simplified process for this technology allows further cost reduction for developers.

Specifications for 10.4-inch single-layer color Ch-LCD
Features Detail
Display mode Passive matrix reflective
Resolution 320x240 (QVGA)
Gray scale 2-bit color


Utilizing ITRI's flexible bistable Ch-LC display as well as flexible Ch-LC driving system design and bonding technologies, the 10.4-inch bistable meeting name card enables meeting information editing via notebooks and bi-side displaying the VGA text or graphic content without extra power.

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