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When solid state drives (SSDs) were first released for the mainstream market, one of the biggest concerns of consumers were their stability and longevity.  The known write cycle limits of NAND flash memory made people wonder just how reliable the drives were.  While we've now gotten to the point where the technology has matured enough for this to be less of a concern, the JEDEC hopes to ease the fears further.

Late last week, the JEDEC announced the publication of the "JESD218 Solid-State Drive (SSD) Requirements and Endurance Test Method" and "JESD219 Solid-State Drive Endurance Workloads" standards.  Created by the JC-64.8 subcommittee, these standards dictate things such as overall total data written and workload specifications SSDs must perform to for both consumer and enterprise applications.

"Standards play a critical role in technology adoption and proliferation, and we are glad to have participated in development of the JEDEC SSD standards. The comprehensive approach taken to defining capacity, workload and endurance will go a long way towards enabling market confidence in SSDs,"said Scott Graham, Vice-Chairman JC-64.8 and Technology Strategy Manager, Micron Technology.

"Solid State Drives will change the system architecture for compute applications due to their disruptive value proposition in Enterprise and Client Compute Applications," added Steffen Hellmold, VP Business Development at SandForce. "JEDEC has taken a leadership role to bring the industry together to enable broad market adoption of SSDs through industry standards with the announced standards representing a significant milestone."

For those interested, you may view the details of the JESD218 standard here and the JESD219 standard here (free registration/login required).

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