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8800GT 2GB
Jetway add two new GFX cards to their line-up
Jetway, a manufacturer of VGA cards and motherboards, have added two new graphics cards to their line-up.  The two cards are an 8800GT and a 9600GT.  What makes these different from the rest is they both have 2 GB's of GDDR3 memory.
The 8800GT has its core clocked at 600MHz and the 9600GT has its core clocked at 650MHz with both cards have their memory clocked at 900MHz (1800MHz). 
While there's very little special about these cards, the fact they come with 2GB of graphics memory is worth a mention.  In most cases these graphics cards having this much memory is pretty pointless.  The main situation in which it could benefit you is running games at high resolutions, but even then, with these cards being limited by a 256-bit memory bandwidth it would make very little difference to actual game performance.
We have previously seen 1GB versions of the 8800GT being reviewed and showing tiny gains, if any at all, over its 512MB little brother.
Both products with their full spec can be found here 8800GT and here 9600GT.
Of course there are some who will buy it just to be able to say their card has the most memory but what do you think?  Would you be willing to pay more for the extra memory?
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