June Battle Imminent Page: 1
We reported a few days ago that Nvidia's next top-end chip line, the GTX 200 family, will be coming in June.  Not wanting to fall behind, AMD has given word that their new chip line, the HD 4800 family, will be coming in June as well.
Unlike previously mentioned, the first cards will not bear the PRO/XT naming scheme, but rather continue the 50/70 scheme.  The HD 4850 will come mid-June, bearing GDDR3 memory and a price tag of $229.  The HD 4870 is to come later that month, with the same general specs, except that the memory will be GDDR5 instead.  This memory upgrade comes with a hefty $120 price increase, leaving the 4870 with a price tag of $349.  The final card, the dual-GPU 4870 X2, is set to come out in the fourth quarter of this year with a price range of $529-549.
Nvidia's GTX 200 (D10U) family will actually consist of 2 cards: the GTX 260 and GTX 280.  Aside from the previously reported specs,the GTX 200 cards will feature a second generation Unified Shader architecture.
Have any thoughts on who will win this battle in the ongoing GPU war?
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