Kingmax release new "Hercules" line of DDR3 memory Page: 1
Kingmax release new “Hercules” line of DDR3 memory
kingmax hercules ram sticks....Taiwanese memory manufacturers Kingmax have released a new line of high-speed DDR3 modules that they call ‘Hercules’.
The sticks are a 2x2GB kit of overclocked DDR3 aimed at the LGA 1156 platform, running at 2200MHz with a CAS latency of 10.
The information on their page for the kit here is pretty sparse, but their official specs say the following:
  • Specification: 240-pin DDR3 un-buffered DIMM
  • Configuration: 128Mx8
  • Bandwidth: 17.6GB/sec
  • Voltage: 1.5V~1.7V
  • CL:10
  • Capacity : 2GB
  • 4GB (2GBx2) Dual Channel Kit
Unfortunately we don’t currently have a release date or an estimated price for these sticks, but they should be out some time soon and Kingmax’s products are usually pretty good value for money so fingers crossed if you're planning on an affordable memory upgrade this christmas.
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