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Kingston DDR3 for Lynnefield
Kingston Dual Channel DDR3 for LynnefieldIt's Kingston's turn to show off it's offering for the latest Intel platform. The dual channel HyperX DDR3 memory kits will be available in both 2GB and 4GB kits, all running at the standard 1.65v.
There will be 6 different options, ranging from 1333Mhz all the way up to 2133Mhz. The high end offerings are clocked at 2133Mhz, with latencies of 8-8-8-24 and 9-9-9-27. The CL8 kit will cost around $394, whilst the CL9 will cost $269.
Next up is a pair of  2000MHz kits, with the same 8-8-8-24 and 9-9-9-27 latencies, priced at $198 and $140 respectively. Into the more mainstream side of things there is two kits, one 1600Mhz and one 1333MHz, 8-8-8-24 and 7-7-7-21 timings respectively. These will retail for $137 and $125 respectively.
All kits will feature the tall heatsinks in the image to the right, except the 1333 and 1600 kits, which will feature a standard height cooler. It is nice to see memory getting faster and also cheaper, other manufacturers should follow suit.
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