Kingston unveils ultra low-latency DDR3 memory modules Page: 1
Kingston unveils ultra low-latency DDR3 memory modules

Official Press Release


It would seem DDR3 is already maturing, PC11000 modules with a CL5 latency is nothing to be sniffed at.

Kingston Technology has announced it is first to market with ultra low-latency PC3 1375MHz DDR3 HyperX memory modules.
"Our new HyperX DDR3 ultra low-latency modules give early adopters and performance enthusiasts the opportunity to push their DDR3 motherboards as far as current memory technology will allow," said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager at Kingston. "With new chipsets on the horizon, Kingston is positioning HyperX to be the go-to memory for all DDR3 needs-for gaming and mainstream systems."
In its second foray into the DDR3 overclocking market, Kingston's ultra low-latency 1375MHz, CL5 product is the first production DDR3 module to achieve CL5 at PC11000 frequencies (1375MHz)-giving the performance-conscious consumer another option when building their next gaming rig, said Kingston.
Kingston achieved the highest gains in its new DDR3 without overclocking memory bus frequencies. The ultra low-latency HyperX is shipping in 1GB modules and 2GB memory kits.

If only the modules were more affordable. By Q1 08 I'm sure quite a few more enthusiasts will have adopted DDR3, at these speeds and latencies are you tempted? Have your say