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Konami Brings Metal Gear, Castlevania News
Japanese developer Konami has taken the opportunity to share some details of their upcoming titles at E3. News from the company included some of its most popular franchises, including Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Silent Hill.
Metal Gear fans should receive some new content very shortly with the release of an expansion pack for Metal Gear Online. Konami will also put on tournaments for the game at this year’s Comic-Con and Tokyo Game Show.
The Nintendo Wii and DS platforms haven't been forgotten either:
The company also showed off Castlevania Judgement, an upcoming Nintendo Wii title that ditches the genre’s typical adventure game play in favor of one-on-one fighting with distinct Castlevania style. Another Castlevania title for the Nintendo DS, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, sticks more to the brand’s roots with side 2D sidescrolling game play.

Silent Hill: Homecoming likewise sticks to the same style as its predecessors with creepy 3D horror game with a new plot that centers around a protagonist searching for his missing brother.
Konami will also be releasing Rock Revolution which promises to follow in the vein of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You know the drill.
Expect the arrival of these games sometime in the American fall, although exact release dates haven't been given.
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