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Koolance, the maker of specalized water-based cooling solutions has come out with a new full-coverage water block for the newly introduced Radeon HD 6900 series graphics cards. The VID-AR697 water block has been designed as a common one for the HD 6970 and HD 6950 cards.

Water-cooling blocks are considered to be among the better cooling options for mainstream graphics cards and processors, especially when they are to be tweaked or overclocked. Many-an-enthusiast swear by their water blocks, and Koolance is quite well known for its top quality water cooling technology.

The latest offering - the VID-AR697 is a full coverage water block measuring 15.9cm x 14.6cm x 1.6cm and weighs around 680g. Made of nickel-plated copper with acetal top, the block has been engineered keeping the AMD reference PCB in mind. As a full-coverage block, the VID-AR697 covers every heat producing component of the Radeon HD 6900 series cards including the GPU, the memory chips, and the VRM.

Koolance has designed a special 05mm micro-fin that covers the GPU for maximum heat dissipation. Threading for the block is the standard G ¼ BSP. The standard packge includes the block, a special thermal paste, and the mounting kit for the block. Already available online through the Koolance store, the VID-AR697 is priced at a decent $114.99.

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Koolance VID-AR697 Water Block  Koolance VID-AR697 Water Block  Koolance VID-AR697 Water Block  Koolance VID-AR697 Water Block