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Lancool PC-K62 R Review


Lancool is not a name that immediately springs to mind in the UK hardware scene, a lesser known fact is that Lancool is actually a subsidiary of Lian Li. Where as every case that is released under the Lian Li banner will be all aluminium the Lancools are steel. Steel generally means a lower price case, and the Lancools generally are a fair bit cheaper than its rival Lian Li model.

An introduction is probably the most difficult part of the review to write, trying to find some waffle about the company or the product without giving too much away is hard. At the end of the day we are all here to find out if Lancool can build a budget case but still meeting the standards we expect from a Lian Li.

The K62 is exclusively available from Case King one of the largest etailers and distributors in Europe.

Here are some specifications I took from the Case King website for those among you that want to read them.

Case TypeAdvance Mid Tower 
Dimensions 214mm x 496mm x 498 mm (W, H, D)  
Front bezel MaterialPlastic  
Side PanelSECC Steel  
Body MaterialSECC Steel  
Net Weight 9.55kg  
5.25" drive bay (External)
3.5" drive bay (External) 
3.5" drive bay (Internal)
Expansion Slot
MotherboardATX / M-ATX  
System Fan (Front)140mm Red LED Fan x 1 
System Fan (Top)140mm Fan x 2 
System Fan (Rear)120mm Red LED Fan x 1 
I/O PortsUSB2.0 x 2 / HD+AC97 Audio  

Lets whip over the page for a look.

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Lancool PC-K62 R Review

Initial Impressions

Lets start at the top and work our way down because on the roof is one of the most prominent features of the externals of the case. There is a large slatted grill the covers the majority of the roof which is cleverly concealing 2x140mm fans, moving towards the front of the case there is a very understated I/O panel with the 2x USB, power and reset plus a mic and headphone jack. Moving round to the front there is a simple clean slatted meshed panel all featuring handy dust filters.

Lancool PC-K62 R Review     Lancool PC-K62 R Review

Lancool PC-K62 R Review     Lancool PC-K62 R Review

So far the case has been clean, simple and somewhat understated. Moving round the back of the case you get a first glimpse at this case party piece. Removing the side panel  brings forth a colourful assault on your eyes, all of the internals of the case are powder coated in a bright vivid red, being somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to the finer touches I noticed that it is not just plain red, there is actually a subtle silver pearl over the red giving those of us who love our details something to bore our friends with!

Lancool PC-K62 R Review     Lancool PC-K62 R Review

Lancool PC-K62 R Review     Lancool PC-K62 R Review

The case comes with all the fans included, 2x 140mm in the roof, and 2x smoked 120mm fans with red LED's one in the front and one in the rear. Talking of the rear, those of you familiar with Lian Li's will recognise the tool free PCI locking mechanism. There is a large CPU socket cut out and a selection of cable management holes. Glancing at the front you will find 5x optical bays, 2 of which have tool free mounting brackets. The hard drive mounts have an interesting locking feature, you simply loosen the thumb screw that allows the locking rail to be slid up and this allows the hard drive cages to be removed. Whilst talking of the hard drive cages these are also tool less, you quite simple click the drives securely into place.

Lancool PC-K62 R Review     Lancool PC-K62 R Review

Continuing the tool less theme the PSU fitting also received some love for those among you scare of screw drivers. You place your PSU above the dust filtered vents in the floor and simply clip your PSU into place with a very simple bracket. As a means of testing I stood the case on its nose, and the my heavy Corsair HX1000w didn't budge proving that its a very capable means of fitting. Last but not least the K62R ships with a second side panel fitted with a large window, I'm unsure why you get the plain and a windowed panel but having the choice could be very handy.

Lancool PC-K62 R Review     Lancool PC-K62 R Review

As usual we run all our case fans @ 12v, at this voltage the case is audible but its not loud very much less unbearable. Ive had the pleasure of sitting beside the K62 for the last week, even with the fans at 12v its not bothered me at all. The cooling in the case has kept our test equipment at very good temperatures, the GPU's never went above 72c but the 2x 140mm fans in the roof definitely helped keep the Q6000 below 50c. All in all cooling wise the case is very capable. Turning the fans back down to silent meant all I could hear was the pair of GPU's, the reduced airflow meant a 54c CPU and 75c GPU's so even in silent mode it cools very well.

Let's march on to the conclusion.

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Lancool PC-K62 R Review


We'll start of with the feature that will make everyone that comes across the K62R give it a second look, the very red internals. The powder coat is very good quality, it's smooth and even with no unsightly orange peel that even professional modding shops in the UK seem to still think is acceptable. Adding that extra bit of quality is the subtle silver pearl over the base red, it's not as in your face as some pearls can be but is a great feature for those of us who appreciate the small details.

The tool free hard drive bays were very simple to use and very secure, as was the PSU mount simple and very effective. The K62R has more than ample cooling for even the hottest system and plenty of room to house it all also.
It's great that the case ships with both a windowed side panel and the plain panel, I can't see many people using both though and thing that is an area that could have cut the price down a little.

The Lian Li Blood Line is very apparent with the quality of the K62, its also great to see a colour other than black being used on the internals of a case. the red internals will probably be the main buying point when purchasing this case as this saves you at least £50 if you were to get it done by any of the aftermarket case modders.

If I had to find a fault it would be that there is not internal watercooling support. Saying that a midtower template doesnt have the acres of room that a full tower does and its far more important to have a handful properly executed features than lots of bodged additions.

Wrapping things up the K62R is very well made, has great cooling and a very striking interior. The externals of the case are very clean and understated and would happily fit in with any bedroom or office.  The mid towers available at this moment in time are all very good, never the less the K62R deserves to be on your shortlist of contenders.

- Great Build Quality
- Many tool free features
- Great cooling
- Brilliant red powder coated internals
- Powdercoat even has a silver pearl!
- Clean Simplistic external design

- No internal water cooling support

- nadda, zip, nowt, nuffink


Thanks to Case King for the sample today, you can discuss this review and many others in our forums.