Larrabee doesn't need DirectX Page: 1
Larrabee doesn't need DirectX
If our sources are correct Intel have gone and done a strange thing and decided that Larrabee won't be using Microsoft's universal DirectX. It really does seem like a weird thing to do, but you have to consider how different Larrabee is when compared to other GPUs on the market.
It does bring a few problems as Larrabee won't be able to support any game that runs on DirectX and future games will have to be written with Larrabee in mind putting more stress on game developers.
There is a possibility that Intel has developed it's own API, like Voodoo's Glide, but details are scetchy and we can only speculate on what Intel is trying to do. Common Sense says Intel should stick with the norm and get full OpenGL and DirectX support, but it seems Intel wants to do things there own way, for better or worst.
At launch we should expect to see six games developed to take advantage of Larrabees hardware, Intel has yet to reveal any details on what the six titles will consist of. Also seems a little weak that Intel has only managed to raise such little support for the GPU.
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