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Lavasoft release new Ad-Aware ‘Game Edition’ to cater for Gamers
Ad Aware GEEEESwedish company Lavasoft, pioneers of Anti-Malware software with their flagship Ad-Aware solution have recently brought out a new product targeted at gamers and entertainment fans.
Their new application is the imaginatively named Ad-Aware Game Edition, based on Ad-aware and featuring real-time anti-virus and anti-spyware protection without interruptions or excessive resource usage, delivering gamers the best possible online experience.
“Gamers and online entertainment fans are in a high risk group in terms of computer security – spending long periods of time connected to the Internet, at risk from opportunistic cyber thieves. At the same time, there’s a struggle to find security solutions that won’t impact online experience. The Game Edition was developed specifically with the needs of this niche market in mind, giving users the ability to protect their privacy and security from cyber crooks as they work and play in full-screen mode,” says Lavasoft CEO Jason King.
Indeed online gamers are at a very high risk to threats such as Malware and identity theft, as well as downloading Trojans from shall we say, less respected software sites or well meaning friends.
I have been using the demo of the new Ad-Aware GE software for a couple of days now, and have been pleased with my experience. Right off the bat I was impressed with its unique retro-styled user interface, looking more like an ‘80s arcade game than a serious piece of software. The program feels also extremely responsive, only using a few hundred kilobytes of memory when minimized to the tray, and around 11MB with the full interface up.
Ad-Aware Game Edition is available for download immediately from Prices begin at $24.95 and include free technical support and continuous software updates throughout the license period. Trial versions are available as well, like the one I’m using at the moment.
As a nice little bonus from Lavasoft, each Game Edition purchase includes a choice of one free game from titles such as Peggle, Bejeweled 2, Ranch Rush, Mean Girls: High School Showdown, and Tradewinds Odyssey. While these aren’t exactly million-pound budget shooters, I definitely find the inclusion of a game to be a good gesture and it would be nice if more companies included games with software packages.
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