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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 27/02/07
Author: PV5150
Source: OCW

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The creators of the BitTorrent file-sharing network have opened the doors on a legal download service. The aptly named BitTorrent Entertainment Network launched on 26 February and gives subscribers access to a large catalogue of movies, music and videos.

Apparently, the new pay per download network has the backing of several movie and TV studios and will build on the large numbers of existing BitTorrent users. However, stiff competition will no doubt be the order of the day from the many existing multimedia stores and video sites found online.

At launch the service will have about 3,000 movies and TV shows available from companies such as Warner Brothers, Paramount, MTV, MGM, 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate.

New releases will include films such as Superman Returns and featured TV shows will include 24 and Prison Break.

New movies will cost $3.99 (£2) but older films will cost $2.99 to download. TV shows will be $1.99 though high definition versions will be $2.99. There is no official word yet on non-US prices.

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