Lenovo Joins Intel Sandy Bridge Product Recall Program Page: 1

Lenovo has joined the ranks of major computer manufacturers to initiate a program for the service and replacement of its systems affected by Intel’s Sandy Bridge bug. According to the official announcement from Intel, a bug in the SATA 3Gbps port of its new Sandy Bridge based 6-series chipset is likely to cause deterioration in performance over a period of three years.

In an official response posted online, Mark Hopkins, program manager at Lenovo Social Media has stated, ““Following Intel’s announcement confirming a design issue in their recently released support chip, the Intel 6 Series, Lenovo will be putting in place a special service program that will enable customers who purchased affected PCs to receive a system board replacement free-of-charge, as soon as those parts become available.”

The company has frozen its shipments of all products that carry an Intel 6-series chipset. Additionally, it has put in place a special service program for replacing any and all affected products. Though Lenovo was one of the earliest manufacturers to adopt Sandy Bridge, the actual number of products the company has shipped till date is limited.

The manufacturer has identified which of its products are likely to be affected by this chipset issue. These identified products include:

IdeaPad laptop Y460P, Y560P, Z570, G470, G570, V370, V470, V570, B470, B570

IdeaCentre desktop K330, K330A, B520

Just like other Intel vendors, Lenovo too is offering its customers the two options of getting their system board replaced or claiming a full refund. However, details of the same have not been fully clarified. According to the official word, full details of the service program will be made available on the Lenovo support page in few days. Nothing wrong with that either as there is still a long wait before the replacement boards from Intel become available.

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