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Lian Li add another case to their Tyr range
Lian Li Tyr PC-X1000 FrontToday, Lian Li have added a third case to their Tyr range. The PC-X1000 is a full tower case that looks very similiar to the previous PC-X2000, just more refined with extra features. It has a total of 5 140mm fans, 3 intakes and 2 exhausts, meaning it should keep the computer both cool and quiet.
The front of the case is mostly ventilated, allowing airflow through the system, whilst retaining a plain and sleek look. There is one major difference though, the front mounted optical drives. On the PC-X2000 they were mounted on the side and weren't received very well by enthusiasts, who claimed they weren't practical.
The X1000 retains the same 3 compartment design, to allow better temperatures throughout. The power supply and hard drives are situated in the bottom section, whilst the motherboard and video cards sit in the middle section, and the optical drives and additional hard drives sit in the upper-most section.
This case is a completelty tool-less design, has "the best side panel case entry latch and special mounting bays for 2.5”SSD drives". It is nice to see tool-less solutions becoming more popular aswell as mounts for SSDs becoming standard.
Lian Li PC-X1000 Side Open ViewAs you can see, the threee thermal zones are very clear and will help performance alot. The bottom section has a 140mm intake which allows the hard drives the be cooled, and cool air to be drawn into the specially designed L-ATX power supplies from Lian Li, which use a wider casing.
The usual Lian Li features are all in this case, removable motherboard tray,thumbscrews for easy installation, modular hard drive cages, cable management slots in the motherboard tray and an area cut out behind the CPU socket for easier installation of coolers.
 It also has the new tool-less power supply installation which all
The case also has 8 expansions slots to allow for multiple graphics cards with dual slot coolers, which is a rare feature.
It is set to hit shelves in the USA at $420, so we can expect a high price tag in the UK at the end of August, probably over £200.
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