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Intel's Light Peak In 2010
FOCI's light peak optical cableLast month, Intel showcased something very interesting, an optical cable interface for PCs, called Light Peak. This promised 10Gb/s transfer rates, or double that of USB 3.0. The potential for such an interface is very broad, it could consolidate the plethora of modern interface standards, including USB, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and Ethernet. Apart from telling us that devices featuring Light Peak would be ready to ship next year, Intel didn't really give reveal much else.
However, it is now reported that Foci, a Taiwanese optical networking company, is well on its way to selling Light Peak cables and other fiber-optic gear. According to Foci vice president of business development Janpu Hou, the company will have a pilot run ready by the end of November 2009, and will be ready to mass-produce at the start of 2010.
The cables use USB connectors, and are flexible and strong, able to be bent in a loop just over an inch in diameter. Cost is still very high, though. While the company is trying to bring it down to an acceptable level for consumers, its attempts to reduce cost by using plastic fiber has produced poor results.
Intel has also confirmed on Wednesday that it is working with the USB Implementers Forum to standardize Light Peak.
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