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Linux Mint 10, the latest version of the Linux Mint operating system is finally complete and has been released today. The new OS is already available for download and is a fully stable release.

Linux Mint 10, also known as Julia, has been developed using the Ubuntu 10.10 OS as its base. It has a Linux kernel 2.6.35, the GNOME 2.32 desktop look, and X.Org 7.5. The Linux Mint team has worked hard on giving the OS a fresh, new look and feel. For a change, the green Shiki theme has been discarded for a cooler, lighter theme on a dark background.

The artwork has been given a brushed metal look, icons have been cleaned up and simplified, and a new name given to the theme - Mint-X. The biggest change in Linux Mint 10 though, is the welcome screen. Users installing the system are offered a number of installation options via this screen including several audio and video codes. An option to upgrade the system to the DVD edition is also provided.

Other updates include an enhanced software manager as well as improved update and upload managers. Linux Mint 10 has been released in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions and is available for download as a Live GNOME CD and DVD, OEM version. A special CD has also been released for US and Japan.

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