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LinX v0.6.4 released
Those crazy guys at xtremesystems are at it again, with more immense overclocking and clever little utilities, like this new release of LinX, designed by Russian overclocker ‘Dua|ist’.
LinX is a graphical front-end for Linpack, which is a benchmark designed to measure the performance of an Intel CPU in Gigaflops. This is also a very useful application for stability testing your CPU.
Some of the main features of LinX include:
• a simple and intuitive interface
• max available memory detection and an option to use all available memory
• both Intel and AMD CPU support (thanks Right from for that)
• both 32 and 64-bit Linpack support
• Intel HyperThreading support (Pentium 4, Atom, Corei7) and ability to override the number of testing threads
• Linpack can be started with different priorities
• elapsed, estimated and approximate finish time displaying
• ability to test for a specified period of time
• optional sound beep on error/successful pass
• settings for the last run are remembered
• visual indication of testing process to quickly determine possible system hang
• monitoring data import from Everest or Speedfan and ability to create graphs for core temperature, fan speed, vcore and +12V voltage
• screenshot and graph saving in PNG format
• tray icon
• command-line keys support to automate testing (run LinX.exe -help for full list)
• no installation required (however, there is a version with an installer too)
If you’d like to give this benchmark a try or just find out more about LinX, you can download it in the official XS thread here.
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