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Lite-On Working On Innovative Ergonomic Mouse Solution
Lite-On, a manufacturer primarily known for its optical drives, has recently been working on what they feel to be the ultimate ergonomic mouse solution: the Moldable Mouse.  The idea is to essentially have a mouse made of a lightweight modelling clay covered by a nylon/polyurethane fabric.  With this, users will be able to mold the mouse into whatever shape they desire, with the intent being to create the perfect fit for the user's hand.  With this, Lite-On believes that such things as finger strain and carpal tunnel syndrome can be eliminated.
Now with a mouse who's overall shape can change, the next question you have to ask is about the buttons.  How do they work?  Lite-On answers this with another innovation: RFID-tagged buttons.  Lite-On provides three wireless RFID-tagged buttons (one being a touch-sensitive scrollpad) for the user to place wherever they please.  Thus, the mouse is essentially fully customizable.
Currently there is no word on when this new type of mouse may come out.
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