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Logitech Announces Bluetooth Cordless MediaBoard Pro

Logitech announced an updated version of their Cordless MediaBoard for PS3 called the Cordless MediaBoard Pro today. The original MediaBoard used a matte silver finish, which did nothing to go along with the looks of the PS3. With the updated Cordless MediaBoard Pro, Logitech uses a glossy black chassis for the keyboard that looks like it came with the PS3. The main difference between the new MediaBoard Pro and the old MediaBoard is in the connection of the keyboard to the PS3. The original MediaBoard uses a USB transceiver plugged into one of the PS3’s front USB ports.


The new Cordless MediaBoard Pro uses Bluetooth connectivity just like the Sony Sixaxis controllers so no USB adapter is required. If you are using your PS3 for media playback, you will be glad to hear that the MediaBoard Pro has a 10-meter wireless range. An integrated touchpad eliminates the need for a mouse.
Logitech also included an assortment of media keys to make accessing the web browser and movie menus easier. Power for the keyboard is via a pair of AA batteries that provide up to 200 hours of use. A two stage battery light shows when battery power is getting low. The Cordless MediaBoard Pro will be available in October for $79.99.

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