Logitech puts super spin on mice Page: 1
Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

Scrolling a pain?


The new "Micro Gear" scroll wheel can spin freely for up to seven seconds and Logitech claims that a single flick can go through "10,000 lines of Microsoft Excel".


But have no fear the mouse can be used with a normal scroll speed

The modes are automatically selected by the mouse depending on how fast the wheel is spun - fast spinning makes the wheel go into free-spin mode, while slow spinning puts it into click mode. Users can manually select the mode by clicking the wheel once.


Logitech has also added a "One-Touch" search button just below the scroll wheel. This allows users to set this button to bring up their favourite search engine such as OC3D. A side wheel on the left side of the mouse can be used to zoom into photos or switch between applications.


Logitech also announced a smaller notebook-sized VX Revolution mouse which includes a micro-receiver for wireless operation. The mouse has the same Micro Gear wheel as the larger VX mouse, but does not include the side wheel.


The Logitech MX Revolution mouse is available now for £80/$100 while the VX Revolution has an estimated price of £60/$80



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