Lower-Level Fermis To Come Mid-Late Summer Page: 1

At the end of last month, Nvidia gave word of mid-level Fermi card based on the GF104 chip, dubbed the GTX 460, headed our way starting June at a price point under $300.  Now it seems they also have plans to release more entry/mainstream cards later in the summer.

Sources from graphics card makers have revealed Nvidia intends to bring out the mainstream GF106 chip in July and the more entry-level GF108 the following month.  These cards will be priced around $180 and $100 respectively.  With the release of these cards, the main basic points of the gaming card sector will finally be covered by the Fermi architecture line.

For those who didn't catch it, the GTX 460 will feature 384 stream processing units, 48 texture units, 32 ROPs, 256-bit memory interface for 1GB GDDR5 RAM and a 512KB L2 cache.  Unforunately, there is no word on the expected specifications of either the GF106 or GF108 at this time.