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Mac Price Drop Coming Soon
Cheap netbooks are fast becoming the order of the day and Apple is feeling the pinch. To keep up with these changing trends, Apple too is reportedly working on bringing down the prices of its most popular Mac models.
If the rumour from AppleInsider is to be believed, both the 13in MacBook and iMac will be getting a price makeover in the coming months. While the MacBook is Apple’s all-time bestseller in terms of volume, the iMac is its most popular desktop. The polycarbonate enclosure totting MacBook costs US$999 while the aluminium unibody casing one starts at $1299.
Apple has not made any visible moves towards slashing prices, but industry watchers have been predicting that the company cannot afford to ignore the current recession, which has caused a slow but steady move away from $1000 notebooks to $300 netbooks. Acer chairman J.T. Wang has even gone on record saying the next year will belong to netbooks, with the cheaper laptops capturing up to 25% of the total market.
Steve Jobs might no longer be in a position to stick to his infamous statement “We don’t know how to build a sub-$500 computer that is not a piece of junk”; especially keeping in view former Apple engineer Andy Hertzfeld’s revelation in his book Revolution in the Valley, which talks about Jobs’ obsession with creating a cheap but powerful personal computer.
Considering all of these factors and the fact that the people at AppleInsider have generally been on target with their predictions about Apple’s business directions, we can take it for granted that cheaper Macs are on the anvil. The only thing that remains to be seen is the extent to which Apple will bring down its prices.
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