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ManHunt 2 gets BBFC approval at last

ManHunt 2 Gets UK release

The game which has caused so much controversy has finally got a UK release date. More than a year since it was released in the US, ManHunt 2 will be made available in the UK on the 31st of October on the PSP, Playstation2 and Wii. The British Board of Film Classification refused to give the game an age rating last year, due to the excessive and graphic violence within the game.

Complaints were made to the BBFC about the casual attitude to violence the game showed, and that the extreme violence had little motive or context within the game plot. Take-Two, the game's developers, have had to make a lot of modifications to the game in order to receive classification. The UK release announcement was made by Take-Two via IGN.


Is it all a big fuss about nothing, or do you think the BBFC were right in their actions? Discuss in our forums here.