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Manufacturers Receive Vista SP2
Microsoft has released updated information about its Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2), which the software giant says has been released to PC manufacturers. The release comes within months of Microsoft making the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta available for public download last year.
Slated for full public release later in this quarter, the new service pack comes bundled with all the updates Microsoft has released since Vista Service Pack 1. Additions to SP 2 include support for new types of hardware, including the ID and vendor strings for VIA’s 64-bit Nano CPU; support for Bluetooth 2.1, and Blu-ray disc writing support in the OS.
The service pack also features Windows Connect Now, which simplifies and improves Wi-Fi connectivity. Search speed and relevancy has also been improved through Windows Search 4.0. Service pack 2 comes with exFAT file system enabled; so once installed, its UTC timestamps feature will allow file synchronisation across time zones.
Talking about the new service pack on the Windows Team Blog, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc informed that it will be made available as a single installer along with Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2.
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