Marvell's SATA 6Gbps SSD benchmarked Page: 1
Marvell's new SSD put to the test
Marvell's new SSDThe folks over at PC Perspective have managed to snag a prototype of Marvell’s upcoming SATA 6bps SSD, and though diminutive in it’s appearance, the sample looks to be pretty darn quick. It’s a very early prototype and there is a long way before it hits the shelves your favourite retailer, but already the early benchmarks have thrown up some pretty interesting results.
Testing using Asus’ P7P55D-E Premium motherboard has shown it to be 33% faster than Intel’s X25-M G2 SSD when it comes to burst read rates, with a very promising result of 314.5mb/s using HDTach. Yet it comes into its own in comparison to the mechanical drives of today; a staggering 175% faster sustained read rate than the 6Gbps Seagate XT 2.0 TB.
While this doesn’t mark an end of the SATA 3G era, it is certainly true that SATA 6Gbps will become a very dominant technology heading into the next year and beyond. Indeed with the aforementioned board and low-cost alternatives such as the P7P55D-E Pro already on the market, the attractiveness of SATA 6G will make it a very interesting proposition for early enthusiasts and casual users alike.
Look out for the release of this SSD by Q2; in the meantime it may be an idea to stick with your current storage solution and wait a few months – the introduction of these SSD’s should help to bring storage market prices for down a fair margin.
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