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Maximus VII Impact - Mini-ITX. Max Spec  

Maximus VII Impact - Mini-ITX. Max Spec


 At OC3D we love the M-ITX form factor, the ability to build powerhouse PCs with such a tiny footprint is simply amazing, and allows many or our readers to build beautiful mini PCs.

Now ASUS is soon to release their most powerful M-ITX board yet with the Maximus VII Impact, their second generation mini-ROG motherboard. We look forward to seeing what people can do with these. I even remember the last version having a full cover water block!

 Maximus VII Impact - Mini-ITX. Max Spec


2nd Generation No Compromise Design



Five Exclusive Daughterboards


In order to maximize features, there are five exclusively designed vertical ‘daughterboards’ that provide power, sound, fan control, WiFi/SSD, ROG IO buttons. Their ultra-minimal design does not impede on component install.

Gaming or Overclocking: Built for Devil’s Canyon


Optimized for upcoming Devil’s Canyon, the new Impact overclocks like an ATX-class motherboard. The only mini-ITX Z97 with LN2 mode support.

Available: Q3 2014

Release of these boards should be sooner than I first anticipated, with this picture showing up online, showing an absolute tonne of these boards sitting ready to be shipped. Hopefully our very own TTL will be getting a sample to show us all soon!


Maximus VII Impact - Mini-ITX. Max Spec  

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