Microsoft Comes Out Swinging Page: 1
News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 08/01/2007
Author: MikeEnIke

The Consumer Electronics Show brings plenty of tech news every year to keep the tech enthusiast community buzzing. This year Microsoft™ released information on all types of new products and services: Windows Vista, Windows Home Server, and plans for an in-car voice management system in partnership with Ford Motors™. But the biggest announcement was the IPTV service that Microsoft™ plans to put into action. This IPTV service will work in conjunction with the Xbox 360 for the ultimate entertainment experience (all this after rumors of an Xbox 360 update!). This announcement precedes the supposed announcement of Apple iTV, the Apple™ introduction into IPTV, that is expected to be announced at MacWorld which is also beginning this week.

Microsoft™ has brought out it's A-Team this time to compete with longtime rival Apple. Who will win this new struggle between the two companies?

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