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Microsoft Confirms 3DV Deal
The rumoured deal between Microsoft and Elron Electronics Industries for 3DV Systems is nearly through. The tech giant has confirmed that it will be acquiring the Z-cam manufacturing firm, with the deal likely to be officially closed by next month.
Z-cam is believed to be the technology behind the new motion sensing controller that Microsoft is working on for its Xbox 360. It was first showcased by 3DV at CES 2008, but since then the technology has reportedly undergone many changes.
It is rumoured that 3DV have shown some impressive early demos of the technology working with the 360, but there is still a hitch in the software. The 360 does not currently have the software technology necessary for this type of 3D gesture recognition. So while it might not be ready for the Xbox yet, Microsoft is making sure the technology does not go elsewhere by buying out 3DV.
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