Microsoft Cracks Down on Cybersquatters Page: 1

Ever typed in one of the above sites when trying to access a Microsoft sanctioned site? A fair number of people do, and thus are unknowingly helping certain people profit illegally through a technique called cybersquatting. Microsoft has gotten wind of this and has decided to do something about it.

Cybersquatting involves registering a site with an address that either has deliberate misspellings or seemingly feasible site names that are associated with well-established companies. When you go to these addresses, you will be hit with tons of pay-per-view ads that will credit the site's creator with money each click.

Thus, Microsoft has launched a campaign against this. Their first act came in the form of two civil lawsuits against four defendants suspected of profitting through the use of this technique. Next, Microsoft has filed a John Doe type lawsuit in hopes of identifying those who have registered sites and use privacy protection services to hide their identities. Finally, Microsoft will take actions to stop the auctioning of domain names.

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