Microsoft Dropping Three App limit from Windows 7 Starter Edition Page: 1
Microsoft Dropping Three App limit from Windows 7 Starter Edition
Anyone that has been closely following the progress of Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 7 will know that the plan was to release a Starter Edition that was limited to running only three applications simultaneously, thus greatly reducing the cost of the operating system compared with the other less restricted Editions.
It now looks like Microsoft has reconsidered this severely crippled version of the operating system and instead is planning on removing the application limit completely according to Paul Thurrott at SuperSite. This is good news for netbook users who either plan on buying the operating system as an upgrade, or those wishing to purchase a netbook with the operating system pre-installed. The only thing to hold you back now will be the speed of your hardware and what you can fit on your screen at any given time.
The question now is - How do they intend on encouraging users to buy the pricier Home and Premium versions? We may see a number of changes throughout all the Editions to reflect this sudden change of heart on the Starter Edition, but no more information is available at this time.
Are you happy to see the application limit removed completely, or did you think it served a purpose? Discuss in our Forums.