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Microsoft extends XP deadline again
You may recall a news article written about the doom of Windows XP to come in this month, well, Microsoft have just announced plans to extend XPs deadline until 2010. This was a necessary action as Mircosoft was getting harassed by computer manufactures because Vista was too resource hungry for the lower end of the market.
This means manufactures can now include WIndows XP with the lower cost desktop (which Mircosoft is now calling Nettops), they included limited system configurations intended for web surfing and sending emails. The same 2010 deadline has been set for laptops according to Rob Young, a Senior Director with Microsoft's OEM group.

Wether PC makers are to be prevented from installing XP on more capable machines was not mentioned, but indications suggest that Mircosoft and PC makers understand what is to be considered a Nettop. Meaning Mircosoft won't have to specify the hardware configurations that vendors can use with XP.
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