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Microsoft has finally announced a price for their much-hyped motion-sensor control system, the Kinect.  Expected to hit stores some time this November, the system will come bundled with the basic Kinect Adventures game at a price of $149.99.

Also announced at this time is a new Xbox 360 console SKU.  This new version will be similar to the recently released Slim console, though rather than having a hard drive it will sport 4GB of flash memory as well as a matte finish instead.  Meant to replace the current entry-level Arcade version, this new Xbox 360 4GB hits the North American market on August 3rd at a price of $199.99.  A Kinect bundle is also planned, priced out at $299.99.

Unfortunately, Europe gets the usual price jump up, with a direct translation into Euros and close to for GBP.  The Kinect+Kinect Adventures pack prices in at £129.99/€149.99 while the 4GB console bundle will set you back £249.99/€299.99.  The 4GB console alone will come out on August 20th and gets the same treatment, coming in at £149.99/€199.99.

As with all releases, Microsoft has high hopes for their new bit of control technology.

"A lot of people have talked about this being the type of leap you would typically see when you went to a new generation," says Xbox product Director Aaron Greenburg.

"But the nice thing is we're able to bring that next generation experience to market this generation.

"We already have storage. We already have high definition gaming. We already have a connected online community. So adding the sensor to the experience enables us to unlock a whole new variety of games and entertainment. We're pretty optimistic this will provide multiple years of life to the current life cycle."

Also available at the November Kinect release will be an assortment of 15 titles.  These games (or at least the first-party ones) will come in at a $49.99 price point.

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