Microsoft launches 'Elevate America' Initiative Page: 1

Providing the skills necessary for the Digital Age

A new US based scheme has been announced by Microsoft and it goes by the name of 'Elevate America'. Microsoft will be partnering with state and local governments, private, public and community organisations to provide free to low cost resources to give jobseekers the IT related skills, training and certifications to assist them in their search for employment. As IT skills are becoming ever more important in most job sectors, Microsoft hope that this new initiative will give help to breach the shortfall in IT knowledge some people have, thus making them more employable. The scheme will be delivered in two ways, one is a new web resource, which is online presently. The other will be delivered locally. 

Elevate America's aims are to provide:

The scheme will be phased gradually throughout America and will last for three years. Pamela Passman, corporate vice president of Microsoft Global Corporate Affairs, announced that Florida, New York and Washington will be the first states to provide Elevate America to their residents. 

You can view the new Elevate America website, and also the official Microsoft Press release for more information. You can also discuss the new initiative within our forums.