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Microsoft will distribute only 64-bit OS after 2008

According to our online source, Microsoft is set to force adoption of 64-bit only Operating Systems (OS) after 2008.

Microsoft just announced that Windows Vista is the last desktop operating system on 32-bits and that after Windows Server 2008 they will develop only 64-bit operating systems. This is part of Microsoft’s view of the future and it seems that both 64-bit operating systems and multi core desktop systems.

Software and hardware developers will undoubtedly feel the pinch the most, with many not fully prepared for the 64-bit migration. Microsoft's Windows Vista 64-bit is a prime example, where driver maturity is flakey at best, hence the mass adoption of the 32-bit version currently.

This might be a problem since there will be no real haste from developers to update their software and hardware until there is some niche on the market for it. On the other hand businesses won’t consider it safe to migrate on new technologies until full hardware and software support is available.

Regardless of how the migration is conducted, Microsoft will have to consider the best way to ensure a relatively pain-free migration for their loyal customer base.

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