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Hypervisor based Virtualization ready for download
Are you familiar with Virtualization? If not have a read up. Virtualization is the big word in the enterprise market and Microsoft are planning to cement thier place firmly in this market.
Hyper-V enables IT organizations to reduce costs, to improve server utilization and to create a more-dynamic IT infrastructure. Hyper-V provides the greater flexibility because of dynamic, reliable and scalable platform capabilities combined with a single set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual resources, which enables you to create an agile and dynamic datacenter and progress toward achieving self-managing dynamic systems.

In addition to Hyper-V, Microsoft is also releasing Microsoft Hyper-V Server. Microsoft Hyper-V Server provides a simplified, reliable, cost-effective and optimized virtualization solution enabling customers to reduce costs, to improve server utilization and to provision new servers rapidly. Microsoft Hyper-V Server easily plugs into customers' IT infrastructures as they can leverage their existing management tools and IT professional skill set with broad support from Microsoft and its partners.
Interesting as Microsoft try to spin make it, Hyper-V is trailing in the wake of todays market leader, VM Ware. Vm Ware has several version including an Enterprise Edition and a local desktop edition, making it the home-virtualizer's dream...realized...or something like that.
On a serious note, VM Ware is an excellent tool and for those who haven't taken a look, you definately should...or perhaps download Microsofts Home Server and take a look at  Hyper-V?
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