Microsoft Releases Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Page: 1

The new Dashboard Update for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is live and rolling out. The update, which has gone live available today will be automatically downloaded to Xbox 360 devices soon as they are powered up.

Talk of the update has been in the market for several days, with rumors abounding that it will be released with geographical restrictions. However, the rumors have been laid to rest as just rumors because the update is available to Xbox 360 users worldwide. The update brings many changes to the Xbox 360, including an all new splash screen.

Reports suggest that the update is a very quick one and installs within a minute, which should please users everywhere. Once installed, the update requires you to sign in to Xbox LIVE for accepting a new terms of usage document.

Among the many updates introduced, ESPN on Xbox LIVE, Zune Music, and Netflix Search are expected to generate the most interest from users. The updated dashboard also gives the Xbox 360 enhanced voice chat capabilities, while a new Avatar spin wheel and an improved QWERTY keyboard take user experience to a higher level.

Other improvements include a better Xbox LIVE Marketplace interface, enhanced wireless abilities, and a game status sharing feature that lets you and others check out which games you have completed fully.

Have you updated your Xbox 360 yet? If not, power it up and get the update now.

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The Xbox 360 Dashboard update brings some interesting improvements